Program Lady Up is dedicated for young ladies – UNI students and graduates who have the ambition to improve their management skills or start up their business idea under the guidance of experienced mentor – successful businesswoman. Our program looks at business from your perspective – perspective of a remarkable young woman who wants to fulfill her dream but does not know where to start.

There are however obstacles in the road specific only for women. Have you ever thought about how hard it will be to balance work and family one day? Can you really define your own worth and amass enough self-esteem to start working towards your dream? Or, do you know how to properly communicate and delegate tasks to others?

It is not easy to be a woman in business. Lady Up is here for you to overcome all obstacles with the help of successful women who walked this path before and who know what to do. Our project provides for you unique training program and guidance from experienced mentor – remarkable woman in business who will work with you in 1 on 1 system through personal or online meetings.

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How to imagine Lady Up?

Video of the final event of 3rd round of project in year 2019

Video of the final event of 3rd round of project in year 2019





How does our mentoring program for women work?

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Mentors who have helped young girls move forward

mentees who have found a new impulse thanks to project

Project ONLY for women!
FGE deals with different kinds of career advisory. Lady Up provides the same level of mentoring value as our other program, but focuses on an additional layer – perspective of success through the eyes of a woman.

As the name implies, this project is here ONLY for ladies. Thanks to your mentor, it helps you to fight obstacles which are typical for women.


This is your intensive mentoring
If we choose you, you will become a mentee of a successful mentor (1 on 1 system). Together, you will decide how this will work for you. 

Meetings are individual. It is dynamic and up to you! Mentor is here to help you in terms of her advices and experience. She will help you through meetings or different online forms.

Accompanying events for your greatest experience
It ain´t only about the mentoring. As part of the program, we are preparing for you many opportunities to get better and get in touch with other mentees. There will be more thematic events during the program which you can enjoy.

Lady Up is the community of remarkable women, who strive for something more in life. Join up and be one of US!

Lady Up is currently active only in Slovak republic. Do you believe that Lady Up program would be beneficial in your country? Click below and help us expand.

We know how, we just need you. 🙂