experience university before applying for studies


Available in Slovakia



EXPERIENCE uni before applying for studies


Available in Slovakia

The best week of your high school studies happens at the university! 

The organization Future Generation Europe introduces to you successful intensive weekly project called MiniErasmus which allows you to truly experience learning process at one of the partner universities before submitting your very own application. MiniErasmus is here to show you new opportunities and get you in touch with hundreds of students like you. Thanks to ME, you will finally get the answer to the question:

„Can I imagine to spend my following years studying THIS at THIS particular place?“

Want to know how are we doing in spite of COVID-19 pandemic? Allow us to introduce to you MiniErasmus Online and MiniErasmus Camp! 

Introducing the best week of your high school studies!


faculties in cooperation until this point



No more uncertainty about your future

Try 4 days of “trial” UNI studies thanks to our project. Get to see it beforehand and ask yourself a question if you really want to study this. Trust us, it can save a life. 

We have a wide variety of faculties in our offer for ME. You simply pick one, register and wait for us to choose you. What happens next?

No more telltales, now you get to see it for yourself. Experience realtime lectures, classes and get to know UNI students during this special week. We are starting on Sunday, ending with Wednesday evening.

Get to know hundreds of people from all over the country

More people you know, the better. We will give you a tutor – university student to guide you before and during ME.  He/she will answer your questions and undoubtly show you around.

Moreover, project is attended by many students from all over country. Each ME, around 600 young people participate. Thats a lot!

 You will therefore have an opportunity to get to know future schoolmates during our networking program.


Experience a bigger world of opportunities

There is a vast ocean of opportunities you have not yet even seen. We want to show you as much as possible during our program. ME will give you workshops, lectures and opportunity-fairs.

Imagine ME like this. You are attending realtime lectures until noon and afterwards, we organize for you special events up until late evening. Yes, 4 days of pure awesomeness.

It is important, because we need to show you what you can do during school. You know, you do not attend school only for your diploma after all.

MiniErasmus is an action-packed week full of experience and unforgetable moments. Get to know new people and and get help in deciding one of the biggest questions of your life.

MiniErasmus is currently organized in Slovak republic and Czech republic. As our all-time flagship project we desire to expand it beyond SK and CZ borders.  However, since FGE is purely voluntary organisation, our time capabilities do not allow us to actively pursue expansion. Therefore, if you believe that such project would have value in your country, click below.

We know how, we just need YOU. 🙂