"Experience the high school before UNI"

The best week of high school awaits you at UNI! Experience it and much more during one traditional week in the fall and spring.

About MiniErasmusAvailable in SK

FGE organization presents to you the successful four-day project MiniErasmus, which allows you to visit real lectures at universities and meet hundreds of future classmates. Finally, you can answer the question:

“Could I imagine spending the next years of my life like this?”

MiniErasmus is an action-packed week full of experiences that can help you solve fundamental life questions while getting to know many people.

All you need to do is be a high school student in Slovakia and meet our requirements. Project available in Slovakia.

Slovak Telekom became the general sponsor of the project.

What is MiniErasmus?

offers you the opportunity to peek into universities before applying, so you can get a better idea of the environment,

the opportunity to make dozens of contacts with future university classmates, meet professors,

Attend workshops on topics that are not typically covered in school,

the opportunity to visit companies during this designated part of the program,

And of course, 4 days of fun with people from all over Slovakia.

Project available in Slovakia

If you want to help us expand the project, please inform us – see below at the end of page “HELP US EXPAND”.

Who can participate in MiniErasmus?


Student from any secondary school aged 16 or older on the first day of the project.


The project takes place during the week, so your school needs to be okay with it,


I miss everyone so much already, as they have grown close to my heart. I laughed and had fun with everyone so much… It was amazing and I would love to turn back time. I firmly believe that in the next project term, I will have the opportunity to participate again and meet everyone again. I recommend everyone to get involved in the project, it is probably the best decision that can be made before choosing a university… 😊

Natália Luptáková

Project participant MiniErasmus


Students yearly


Great days at UNI


Try out the university life “unofficially” during the 4-day project. Find out if you enjoy it. No more unverified information. During MiniErasmus, you attend real lectures, seminars, and meet university students. We start on Sunday and finish on Wednesday evening.

The project takes place at faculties in Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia.


There are countless opportunities that you may not be aware of. We want to show them to you through our program. We are preparing exhibitions of opportunities, lectures, and workshops for you.

In addition, we will show you what you can do after UNI. You don’t just study for a diploma.


Before and during the MiniErasmus project, we will assign you a tutor – a university student who will answer your questions and show you around the school or city during the project.

And that’s a valuable contact! In addition, dozens of students from all over Slovakia will participate in the project, so you will have the opportunity to meet future classmates and project participants during our fun and networking program.

Mini Erasmus Team

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