"dont sleep your life over"

Do you want to achieve something but don’t know how? Wake Up is a series of activities that will give you a kick to finally do something.

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Do you feel like you have more energy than you know what to do with, but don’t know where to direct it? Do you want to do something extra, but don’t know what? Do you feel like your peers are moving forward in life while you’re stuck in place? Do you want to learn new skills, but lack the right motivation?

Wake Up is a program designed for all young people who expect more from life and from themselves.

Wake Up is a self-development project that helps you clarify what you want in life. You can discover which direction to take, what your passions are, where to find motivation to not give up on everything, and how to do it all without burning out. You can expect fun, new friendships, interesting speakers, challenges, discussions and workshops, and much more.

But most importantly, it’s about you, your systematic work, and your future!

Project available in Slovakia.

What does Wake Up bring to you?

Skill to overcome the mental barrier of starting to work on oneself through proven methods,

Soft skills training on skills such as presenting, communication, and more,

You will learn various techniques for productivity, time management, and better mental health,

Adaptability to overcome obstacles through challenges,

network of contacts – you will create a collective group with others in the project. You are not alone.


Project is available in Slovakia. If you wish to help us expand it to your country, please head to “help us expand” below.

Who can join Wake Up?


A young person, especially between the ages of 16 and 24. School is not a requirement!


If you want to clarify how to start and effectively learn to work with your potential and time,


You are eager to participate in the project’s joint activities and take on challenges.


Thanks to Wake Up, I have met many talented and skilled people. Each participant finds what they need in the project. During the five months, we shared a lot of experiences and beautiful moments together. I made some friendships and realized my strengths and weaknesses. I recommend Wake Up to everyone, whether introverted or extroverted. The five-month program can be combined with university and work. It is doable!


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Wake Up aims to help you find your self-worth, motivate you, and give you a kick-start to begin. Find your spark through custom-made workshops and TED talks. The project lasts for six months and includes workshops and talks with inspiring personalities. Common project themes include time-management, public speaking techniques, discovering your personality type, and more…



Our events throughout the entire project focus on a strong community aspect. Our primary goal is to organize our events offline.

We want you to interact as much as possible with other participants as well as other people involved in the project. Networking and community are also ways to step out of your comfort zone. Typically, during the project, we have 5-6 events.



It takes a challenge, and that’s EXACTLY what Wake Up brings you. Literally. During the project, you will complete both individual and group challenges designed to help you gain courage in real life situations.

You don’t have to worry about the challenges being too hardcore. They are designed to build your confidence and bravery.

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