Wake Up

If you want to move, you have to get up first! Wake UP

FGE is pleased to introduce mentoring program Wake Up dedicated to all young people who are willing to make the first step in their journey of success.

Project Wake Up was created in accordance with successful mentoring projects of FG Europe – Lead Up (supported by ESET Foundation, under patronage of Slovak president Andrej Kiska) and Lady Up (support by Accenture nadačný fond – Nadácia Pontis).

Do you have problems to decide which University course is right for you or in which direction shall your career path follow?

Do you need to improve your skills and increase your chance to succeed?

Are you looking for a way how to take the first step?

If you are:

> 1st or 2nd grade student of University Bachelor studies <

> non-student from 18 to 23 years old <

> high school student from 16 to 19 years old <

Wake Up is an unique mentoring program dedicated to all young people who are expecting something more from life and are trying to find a way how to build their own success. If you want to move up your life to the next level, but you still have no idea how to achieve that, project Wake Up gives you the opportunity to find your way with the guidance of experienced mentor. We are also giving you a chance to take part in training program dedicated to improve your skills for job and school. Project Wake Up is free of charge!

Its so easy! You do not have to be an elite applicant for Oxford studies or aspirant to be the next Wolf of Wall Street. All you need to be is yourself. All you need to be is the person who wants to move his life to higher standard and is willing to work for it. Wake Up is here to help you make the first step!

Are you fond of this opportunity? We offer you free of charge:

Your own Wake Up mentor!

With the 1 on 1 mentoring method, you will get new recommendations and opinions from experienced person who will try to direct you where you want and aid you to make steps necessary to accomplish your goal. Mentoring is designed to siut your and mentors time capacities. Therefore, the whole mentoring process is governed by your agreement. The end of project does not necessarily mean end of your mentoring. Your mentor can become your friend and advisor who will help you also after the termination of project.

Improve you skills thanks to our training program!

Do you want to know how to prioritize your tasks, set up your time management, properly communicate or find out how to sell yourself at job interview? During Wake Up, we are offering you training session which will improve your skills to shine among your peers.

Become part of the future generation of youth who want something more from their lives!

Networking is unavoidable for your success. Become part of the community of projects Laed Up, Lady Up and Wake Up and create your network of contacts – future successful people. You never know who will be the one you will run your idea with or who will start working with you on your dreams.
With Wake Up, you do not have to make the first step alone!

Wake Up project is currently available only in Slovak republic. If you are interested to expand our project abroad, please contact us at info@futuregenerationeurope.eu