Nadácia ESET supported FGE with

Project Mini-Erasmus – November 2016: 2.000,- EUR
Project Mini-Erasmus – November 2017: 2.000,- EUR
Project MiniErasmus – November 2018: 2.000,- EUR
Project MiniErasmus – November 2019: 2.000,- EUR

Project Lead Up 2016: 3.300,- EUR
Project Lead Up 2017: 3.000,- EUR
Project Lead Up 2018: 3.000,- EUR
Project Lead Up 2019: 3.000,- EUR
Project Lead Up 2020: 3.000,- EUR

Project Back from Abroad 2017: 3.000,- EUR

Accenture Nadačný fond – Nadácia Pontis supported FGE with

Project Lady Up 2017: 1.500,- EUR
Project Lady Up 2018: 2.000,- EUR
Project Lady Up 2019: 2.000,- EUR 

Iuventa – Slovenský inštitút mládeže, Národná agentúra programu ERASMUS+ pre oblasť mládeže a športu supported FGE with

Project No need for NEET! 2017: 13.320,- EUR 

We were supported also by
Financial support 150,- EUR: Final Event – Lead Up 2016
Financial support 250,- EUR: Brussels Work Trip
Sponsor of book rewards for best mentees of project Wake Up 2018

Sponsor contribution – general financial support in 2018: 800,- EUR

Longterm supporter of Networking Night event

Financial support from sponsor 200,- EUR: Brussels Work Trip

Alexandros VASSARAS

Financial support from sponsor 150,- EUR: Aachen Work Trip

Hereby, we would like to respectfully thank everyone who has supported us during these last few years. Your support and faith in our activities show us that the cause of future generation is worth pursuing. We are grateful to know that there are numerous partners out there who realize that we should now focus on improving education of students.

Because if we do all these things today, we can get much better tomorrow.

Dear sponsors, once again – thank you for your support!