Networking night has been created to raise career and personal development awareness of young people. Networking Night allows students to get in touch with various subjects – companies, NGOs, institutions. This will allow them to get first-hand information about opportunities which are available to them even now. Our event is available for all high school and university students (and of course for everyone who cares about their future! 🙂 ). Networking Night is not just another job faire. During the event, participants can engage in various workshops, sessions with successful people or panel discussions. As of our event itself, we are aiming to provide immersive experience every moment of the time present. NN is organized traditionally during MiniErasmus project. Therefore you can be always sure that the place will be crowded with curious students from the project. NN is organized with cooperation with various partners such as Alliance 4 Youth or ESET Foundation.

Networking Night will be organized only in Bratislava on 19th November 2018. Currently there are no plans to organize this event elsewhere. If you would be interested to bring the event to your country – let us know at our e-mail.



What does Networking Night offer?


Display of opportunities

Companies, NGOs, opportunities to travel abroad, start-ups and all of this only under this one roof! Do not miss an opportunity to find out about everything you have not heard yet. Soon, you will get to know that the world you are living in, is much bigger.
Change your future now!


Panel discussions and workshops

We are also including a rich program focused on various discussions and workshops about various modern topics. Join up for our panel discussions and ask what you are interested about.


Relax in our chill-out zone!

Yeah, we know that you will be exhausted after few hours of getting that much information. Do not worry though! During Networking Night we are preparing for you chill-out zone where you can rest or have fun. Different venues such as virtual reality or photowall are waiting for you.