Available in Slovakia


Available in Slovakia

Thanks to the new MiniErasmus camp, FGE will enable you to spend three days full of entertaining and interesting program with tutors – college students with different fields of studies that you can choose. From Friday to Sunday you will be able to find all the information about the given universities that you need. All while having fun.

Choose a specialization you are interested in

On a selected weekend, partner universities with similar expertises as yours will attend our event. Schools will send their representatives – tutors – college students. 

This way you will have an informal access to information from different faculties which can lead you to choosing the right school for you.

Ask questions, communicate, have fun

ME CAMP is not about boring lectures and statistics of colleges. It’s about interaction between high school and college students. Ask about anything that interests you, communicate with anyone you want and mostly, have fun. The whole program was prepared by us, so that in the end you can better orient yourself in your university studies.

 Don´t forget – the more you know, the better you will do.

Meet future classmates

 At this camp, you might as well meet your future classmates. It may be a high school student with whom you will spend your entire college years or a university tutor who will be capable of giving you all the best advices.

That’s awesome, isn’t it? 

The whole event is taking place on the weekend, so you won’t be missing from school!

At the moment, this project is currently available only for Slovak students. We lack human resources to expand it beyond border. If you are interested in helping ME or ME Camp to expand, let us know.