Beyond future skills

program erasmus+ ka2 | smallscale partnerships

Beyond future skills

program erasmus+ ka2 smallscale partnerships

Supported by the European Union, under the grant call ERASMUS+ KA2 “small partnerships”, we are opening the Beyond Future Skills project!

The project is primarily aimed at the development of volunteers and youth workers from the organizations Future Generation Europe and Beyond Borders (our partners from Italy). We will get educated together until April 2023.

Training courses for our volunteers and youth workers

Training courses for FGE and Beyond Borders volunteers will take place during the project. These education trainings will be held on the topics listed below until April 2023. The education trainings will be carried out by professional advisors.

The aim of this project is to provide the best knowledge for those who are going to pass it on later.

It ain´t just about training for volunteers – we will help our target groups during the project itself!

During the project, the so-called Practice Trials will take place. What is it? We will address representatives of our target groups – high schoolers, female university students, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and we will try to introduce the topics of our training meetings to them and try to improve their knowledge.

We are able to help others directly during the project.


Full cooperation with our partner from Italy

Everything that will happen in Slovakia will, parallelly, take place in Italy. Our partners will provide the same training and equal opportunities for young people. International exchange will also take place during the project. We will come to Italy to get educated and our partners will come to Slovakia.

Expected results of the project:

– training for members of our organizations, capacity increase, and professionalization,
– competence testing through Practice Trials, involvement of our target groups,
– implementation of inspiring procedures in youth work,
 – a positive impact on youth work,
– the support of European cooperation and values, exchange of experiences.

  • We will keep you updated continuously about the results and successes of the project.

Project is created with support of the European Union

Project is created with support of the European Union