FGE brings to you a project in which you can finally find your DREAM JOB! In “Youth 2 Business” we will give you an opportunity to show your skills and potential in front of maybe-future employers.

At Y2B you can get better, get new frends but also a brand new super job! Get to know lot of HR specialists and representatives of companies, show your skills and solve interesting case studies. Sell your potential!

In today ever-speeding world, it is not easy to attract companies and get the job. Also, there is lot of jobs and you are struggling to find your place. Youth 2 Business can help you exactly with this struggle bringing you HR specialists and company representatives right under your nose. Moreover, in relaxed setting, you can show your TRUE SELF! Each event will be organized under the theme of specific profession, so you can choose what you desire.

By participation, you can get an amazing opportunity to land perfect job which will help you launch your carreer. Aside of that, you will be able to get first contacts into business world, get to know potential colleagues/friends which are struggling with the same issues as you do. As part of Y2B you will test your skills in various team activities which we prepared for you!

Ready? Scroll below 🙂

Who can participate in Youth 2 Business?

If you are in 4th, 5th grade, you have already graduated from University and you want to get a new job or internship in successful company, Y2B is right for you! Project is also available for NEET persons who are struggling to find a job.

Once more -> What does Youth 2 Business offer to you?

Interesting CV + Motivation letter

If you have never written these things, now is the time. Your first task will be to create these two documents which can start your path to business world. Do not worry. We will give you feedback how you can improve your CV and motivation letter. In the end, you will be able to be interesting for companies.


First contacts with business world

As you read above, you will meet lot of HR specialists and company representatives. You will be able to talk to them in relaxed setting, so you can show what you are made of. If they do not currently offer what you want, do not be afraid, in future, they might have what you desire. Show yourself and steal the show.


Fun group activities

You will be involved in various group activities during our event. All tasks will be designed to accomodate specific topic of the session. Show everyone that you are the right person for the company. Show that you are a team player and that you can communicate with other team members. In the end we will reward you with something!


Good feeling and reward

As we mentioned, during the event you will be tasked to complete various tasks. This is not only task-completition scenario, you are also competing. You will soon find out that HR specialists will award you with points and your mission will be to shine during the activities. In the end, it might be YOU who will take control over Youth 2 Business and we will reward you with interesting prizes (so you will not leave empty-handed).


Amazing Job!

Yeah, the best part is coming! You are the only person who can influence whether you will be interesting for companies. If they like you, they will surely let us know and we will send them your contact. After that, all you need is to succeed at job interview and tadááá… you can land a perfect job! Its simple. 🙂

Current status of the project

Youth 2 Business is currently available only in Slovak market. If you are interested in expanding this project abroad, let us know at