We are an organization established with the objective to support personal and career growth of young people with age from 16 till 25 years. Welcome to the world of...




This Fall, Future Generation Europe is first time expanding beyond borders of Slovakia – into Czech Republic.
Yes, we do not want to stop just here! If you are interested in helping us with our expansion, please let us know at info@futuregenerationeurope.eu.

We are currently aiming to expand our projects primarily for students in Hungary and Poland. Our goals are, however, not limited only to these countries. If you are interested – let us know.

One day, we aim to provide the best experience for students all around the Europe.



Get to know companies’ representatives in an informal environment. Get a new job and make an impression during a joint-session or by resolving a common team activity.

The project is aimed at university students and graduates.


Become a university student for one week, even before submitting an application for your university studies. Project takes place in November and includes many different activities besides the main aim – get to know a specific University. 

The project is aimed at high school students.


An evening full of opportunities. Do not miss a chance to meet various companies, non-profit organizations and other participating organizations under one roof. This event is organized as part of the project MiniErasmus.

The project is aimed at high school and university students.


Successful women are made, not born. Become part of our mentoring programme for future female managers and entrepreneurs and learn how to become successful in business.

The project is aimed at female high school and university students.


Become a mentee of our oldest mentoring programme with elite high school students from around Slovakia as its target group. Your mentor and our side events will support a proper work up of your talent.

The project is aimed at high school students.


This project does not provide only a general mentoring. Learn how to make a first step thanks to the Wake Up project. Your mentor will be a professional coach or motivator. You will have to accomplish tasks that will be outside your comfort zone and therefore will support your personal growth.

The project is aimed at high school and university students.


We create the best regional community. Thanks to the project Born to Succeed, we will give the opportunity to its participants to carry out their ideas and to become part of the community that does not know the word “impossible”. Get a trainer and pursue your idea.

The project is aimed at high school and university students.



First international exchange programme introduced by Future Generation Europe. What are the facts about the unemployment in the European Union? What can we do in order to get a job after studies? Our ERASMUS+ project No Need for NEET was aimed at giving answers to these questions.

The project was aimed at high school students.


Have you seen abroad something remarkable, which would be worth implementing in Slovakia? Write us about it and win amazing prizes. Moreover, we will help you to pursue and implement your ideas in Slovakia.

The project is aimed at university students and working people.


Charlemagne Youth Prize 2015

We became a national winner of the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2015 for youth project initiatives which is awarded each year by the European Parliament in Aachen, Germany.

Volunteer of the year 2016

We were among three nominees in the competition Volunteer of the year 2016 in the category Volunteer project of the year 2016. The prize is awarded by CARDO, o.z.

Coordinator of volunteers 2017

Chairman of FGE has become the Coordinator of volunteers 2017 in Slovakia. Prize is awarded by BDC, o.z.

National prize of Career Advisory 2016

We were awarded a National Prize of career advisory 2016 for innovative approach in delivering career advisory for high school students. The prize is awarded by Euroguidance Center – SAAIC.