Do you have an idea how to help others in your region but at the same time you want someone to help you? We connected these two things.

FGE offers you a regional training project Born to Succeed, which has been inspired by our mentoring programme Lead Up. If you have an idea how to improve your region and at the same time you would like to meet someone who can teach you how to achieve your plans and deal with the future, this program is for you.

Why is Born to Succeed a regional project? As a Future Generation Europe, we believe that there is a lot of young people with ideas in the regions. We know how difficult it is to take the first step. Sometimes it’s terrifying. Born to Succeed is here for you to become a part of a community looking for solutions rather than excuses. Thanks to the project Born to Succeed, you will be surrounded by people who will not laugh at your ideas, but will help you achieve them.

How does it work?

Born to Succeed will try to teach you the maximum by “the learning by doing” method. To start, you need to register and tell us about your idea how to improve your region. It doesn’t’ have to be “a big thing”, the only condition is that the action or a mini-project would be achievable and helpful for the community. If you are chosen, you will become a trainee in our team and one of our trainers will be assigned to you. The trainer, or a couch if you like, is a successful person in their field who will help you accomplish your project. Thanks to this project, they will help you with your personal development and the questions you ask yourself about your future.

Meetings with a coach take place on 1 on 1 basis, and the communication mode with the coach is set according to your needs. You will have enough time to improve and to start your project. In the final phase of the project, you should implement your idea in the region with the help of the coach and the regional FGE team.

PS: Your training relationship can continue long after the project is over! Thanks to BtS, you can make a friend for life!

Who can register?

Project is currently available only for regions in Slovak education system. If you want to help us implement it in your country, please let us know at our e-mail.

Is it interesting? BtS offers:

Your individual couch for the project!

With one on one training, you will get personalized recommendations, advice, and opinions of an experienced personality that will help you take the necessary steps to accomplish your project / activity. At the same time, the coach will help you with your personal development. Moreover, your relationship doesn’t have to end at the end of the project. You have the opportunity to make a friend who will be willing to help you even after the project.

The environment to create your idea!

People around Born to Succeed – trainers and members of the FGE regional team are here to help you achieve your idea. This community of people will assist you, encourage you and show you that yes, you can! We are like the people who surround us.

Accompanying events to the project!

We offer other interesting events during the project which aims to improve your ideas and your skills to succeed, and to network with people within the community.